Ride Route(s)

The ride/route starts at 9H00  at the north-west corner of Eglinton Avenue East and Laird Drive, outside the Starbucks coffee shop. Only a "small number" of the eventual pack starts at the coffee shop, however, with riders joining all along the route, notably from a church just past the starting point (north-east corner of Bayview and Broadway Aves.), and from the overpass carrying Lawrence Avenue over Bayview Avenue(near the entrance to Glendon College).

Several routes branch off from here, including a shorter 85 km route east across King Road, a middle distance route north on Keele St. and east along Bloomington Road, and a longer and much more challenging hillier route further north on Keele Street and back south on Dufferin Street.  The ride meets up again after turning east to Yonge Street for a stop at Gramma's Oven, a small European (Polish) bakery and café just south of King Road in Oak Ridges.

After the stop at the bakery, at around 11H00, the ride continues north on Bayview Avenue around Lake Wilcox and eastward with several additional return routes centered on either Kennedy Road or Leslie St. | Don Mills Rd

The return portion of the ride starts slowly, but is followed by a higher speed section usually culminating in a sprint at 50+ km/h on (depending on the return route taken)  Leslie Street just north of Major Mackenzie Drive West and/or a sprint on Kennedy Road just north of Unionville. The ride slows as it reaches the northern end of the city where the traffic signals once again become an issue. The ride does not end at the starting point due to the fact that riders split off from the main group and make their way home by various individual/personal routes once the main portion of the ride is over.

Route Maps

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Updated: April 11, 2020

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