THE DONUT RIDE - 36 Years of one of the country's top weekend rides

MICHAEL BARRY, Canadian Cycling Magazine, Oct & Nov 2012.

Amateurs, pros and pastries united on a regular pedal. 

"I was taught how to ride a bike properly on the Donut Ride, the biggest weekend ride in the country."  

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Someone posted this graphic on Juli Briskman's Facebook page after she flipped her left-hand middle finger at U.S.A. President Trumps motorcade. Briskman was amused! [Click on graphic for full story!]

Does this mean that we need to learn a new hand signal when cycling in the States?

Keirin : Speed Racers 
YouTube, March 8, 2011

The inside track on Japan’s track cycling phenomenon (Keirin). Watch the “greyhound-fast” speed racers go for high stakes and high-octane speeds.

Smartphones Are Killing Us
Bloomberg, October 17, 2017

Amid a historic spike in traffic fatalities, US federal data on the danger of distracted driving are getting worse. Who’s counting? Who's doing something about it? Are You?

Imaginary Riding Moments
Bryan Speigel

A short "visual essay” on the beauty of riding the Donut. Enjoy!

Toronto Hustle is racing their first season in the North America professional peloton. Follow their journey and share in their highs and lows as they race to make personal and team dreams come true. For more about the Toronto Hustle cycling team follow this link: Toronto Hustle

 Avoid These Five Risky Maneuvers

VeloNews, October 2017
The article concerns legal aspects of certain “risky” maneuvers road cyclists do on a daily basis. Although the examples are from the US, the “risky” actions outlined certainly will apply to Canada.  

How to Prevent You Bike from Being Stolen offers useful tips and advice on keeping your bike safe from theft everywhere - at home, in parks and other public places.

Study: Froome’s “super tuck” actually isn’t faster. Chris Froome earned a stunning victory in stage 8 of 2016 Tour de France, but was it due to superior aerodynamics on the downhill?



1m Safe Passing Law Awareness Video

THE SHARE THE ROAD Cycling Coalition's 1m safe passing law video is now available online. Thanks to generous support from the Ministry of Transportation and 8 partner municipalities, this video is available for everyone to use. Please visit their Vimeo page to view the video. You can download the 60 or 30 second clip directly from Vimeo by clicking on the "Download" button below the video, or you can share the link in your newsletter and on social media. The coalition hopes that this shared resource will help everyone raise awareness about road safety in your community.

Roger Kiely Founder of Toronto Donut Ride Dead


Some thoughts

"I have many good memories of Roger and he was always a dear to me.”-Millen Novotny, 

 "I think of him every time I ride because of the “Rogerisms"  (songs and sayings):  How much for the wife?   (Garage sale required).  You get more nookie on a Suzuki!  Hey didily dee this is the life for me.”- Andy Mitchell

 “Roger was a good friend for the past 40 years. Besides his famous Welsh accent and “Rogerisms”, I’ll always remember the times spent together training for races in the early days, out to swap nights at the local library, at the Bike Shop, and/or the doughnut ride mystery tours – whose routes only he knew. I will always add "three more”(for Jaime, Gary and now Roger!) to my final count of the donut rides knowing well that he/they will be riding the bike "somewhere" in the universe.”-Fernando Gonçalves, 

 “… Roger always made me laugh. We had a good chat about him today with the guys when we went mountain biking. He would always do the Ride for Karen, without ever signing up, or wearing a helmet most times. Weeks after the event, he would send me hundreds of dollars in cheques he collected. He did it his way, and had a real soft spot under that hard outer shell!"-Kirk J. Tobias

 “My deepest condolences to the family and friends. Roger was a wonderful person and will be deeply missed by all.”

 "One of the most enduring memories I have of Roger was a crash.

He, 2 others and I were S. bound on Kennedy on the way home from the Marsh. Roger an I were sprinting for a sign at the bottom of the big hill S. of Bloomington Rd. I had a good jump on Roger, but he had began to close and was almost even with me when I heard a blood-curdling yell. 

His foot as disengaged from his pedal and at top speed, he was thrown to the pavement. I sneaked a peek back (at about 60kph) and saw him tumbling down the road. I don"t know how I got my bike slowed down so fast and turned back, but Rog was lying on the asphalt in agony. 

I raced to the nearest house but my pleas for help fell on the deaf ears of the apparent renter who 'didn't want to get involved'. Suppressing an urge to strangle the sonofabitch, I raced back to the where the other 3 had moved Roger and learned help had been summoned by a motorist with a cellphone. 

It seemed much longer than it was but soon a police car, with siren wailing, was hurtling N. at high speed! All I remember thinking was 'I sure hope he has good brakes!' as he expertly brought the car to a halt. Shortly thereafter, the ambulance arrived and Roger was bundled onto the stretcher. The paramedics were about to lift him into the back when he began to vomit (due to the head knock he suffered in the crash). I said 'Let him throw up’ – knowing full well that inhaling vomit while strapped on your back can be the cause of a multitude of complications – but the paramedics struggled with the combined weight of Roger and the stretcher! 

Recognizing the seriousness of the situation I ran over (in cycling cleats) and grabbed the center of the stretcher with all my strength and this allowed Rog to complete his vomiting in safety. Soon he was on his way to hospital and we left his bike in the care of a helpful local-certainly NOT the one I mentioned!

Later, after examining his shoes, we learned he had allowed one of the LOOK shoe plates to become dangerously thin at the toe – and had caused his foot to break free in the intense effort of a sprint.

Let this be a lesson to us all! Always examine your equipment very carefully!!"- Bill (hockeysocks)

 For further commentary on Roger’s contribution to cycling, please visit John Symon’s piece in Pedal magazine.

GCN (Global Cycling Network) tested three different but simple changes to see how much of a difference aerodynamics (in clothing and wheels) can make. Learn how to go “faster” on a bike.

New Awareness Campaign: 1m passing and lights on bikes

In early September 2016, Share the Road launched a new awareness campaign focused on the 1m safe passing law and the new (in Ontario) increased fines for riding a bike without lights when required

The campaign includes a 30 second and 60 second video as well as print and digital ads. This campaign has been developed in partnership with the Ministry of Transportation, City of Toronto, City of Ottawa (Safer Roads Ottawa), City of Peterborough, Peterborough Public Health, City of Mississauga, City of Burlington, Town of Oakville, City of London and City of Windsor.

On Tuesday, June 2, 2015The Making Ontario's Roads Safer Act (Bill 31) was unanimously passed at Queen's Park. This modernization to the Highway Traffic Act includes provisions that will make Ontario's roads safer for all road users, including people on bikes.

Bill 31 includes:
1m safe passing law when passing people on bikes
• Allowance of traffic control signals specific to bikes and contra-flow bike lanes
• Increased fines for "dooring" people on bikes and distracted driving
• Allowance of cycling on paved shoulders of a highway that is divided into two separate roadways

For more information on Bill 31, visit the Legislative Assembly of Ontario's website


Cyclists and Auto Insurance: The Coverage You May Not Know About

Many cyclists are unaware that when they are riding their bikes, they are covered by their auto insurance for injuries that might occur as the result of an accident with another vehicle.  Your auto insurance can extend coverage to you as a cyclist, and you are also eligible to receive benefits from the insurance company of a motorist that is involved in the accident with you.  Cyclists can receive medical payments, pain and suffering benefits, and more if they file a claim with the auto insurance company.


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