THE DONUT RIDE - 36 Years of one of the country's top weekend rides

MICHAEL BARRY, Canadian Cycling Magazine, October & November 2012.

Amateurs, pros and pastries united on a regular pedal. 

"I was taught how to ride a bike properly on the Donut Ride, the biggest weekend ride in the country."  

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Not Your Average Bike

John Vennavally-Rao (of CTV News) on two Canadian engineers hopping to set a record by getting their “two-wheeler” 10 times faster than an average bicycle.


News Release

ONTARIO: Share the Road -- Same Rules, Same Rights

June 29, 2014

Ontario Government Helping Cyclists, Drivers Stay Safe

As more cyclists take to the road during the summer months, the Ontario government is urging drivers and cyclists to share the road and travel safely.

Cycling Guide (Cycling Skills)
Young Cyclist's Guide


 Taken for a Ride - Lance Armstrong and the win-at-all-costs of pro cycling.

A review, by William Saletan, of two books about Lance Armstrong: CYCLE OF LIES: The Fall of Lance Armstrong by Juliet Macur (Illustrated. 461 pp. Harper. $35.00) and WHEELMEN: Lance Armstrong, the Tour de France, and the Greatest Sports Conspiracy Ever by Reed Albergotti and Vanessa O’Connell (Illustrated, 364 pp. Gotham Books. $35.00)
Review includes a good outline of what Lance Armstrong was willing do to “... win at all costs."  


Dope and Win 

If you’re going to tell a lie, tell a “Big Lie” was the advice of one of history’s biggest villains and it was a lesson that the disgraced cycling superstar Lance Armstrong doubtless learned early. That is the conclusion down by Juliet Marcur in her account of Armstrong’s implosion in her book, Cycle of Lies: The Fall of Lance Armstrong (HarperCollins, 480 pages, $29.99). And the portrait she paints of the cyclist who won seven Tours de France (with the help of performance-enhancing drugs!) is not pretty. In this book, Lance is portrayed as a world-class liar.


 ‘Copenhagen Wheel’ Transforms Any Bike Into An Electric-Hybrid 

CP | RODRIGUE NGOWLi, Huffington, December 19, 2013

 A Massachusetts startup is launching a new device that transforms almost any bicycle into an electric-hybrid vehicle using an app on a smartphone.

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Dean Roher (US)

Rodrigo, Expresso, Lisbon, Portugal, Oct. 25, 2012         Translation: "One small lie for a man, …"


Cyclists and Auto Insurance: The Coverage You May Not Know About

Many cyclists are unaware that when they are riding their bikes, they are covered by their auto insurance for injuries that might occur as the result of an accident with another vehicle.  Your auto insurance can extend coverage to you as a cyclist, and you are also eligible to receive benefits from the insurance company of a motorist that is involved in the accident with you.  Cyclists can receive medical payments, pain and suffering benefits, and more if they file a claim with the auto insurance company.


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