Here's a list of articles related to cycling that you may find interesting, informative, and can read over a cup of coffee or tea and a doughnut (or bagel.)

They are in .pdf format. So, you can read them on-line or print them for a later read.  Enjoy!


• How to Warm Up Correctly for Your Next Bike Race or Ride
Fred Matheny, (2019)
Important discussion on how to use your training effort(s) and time to best  help you on the bike. 

Legally Speaking: Group Riding Liability [Part 1 and Part ]
Bob Mionske, (2018)
Although written by Bob Mionske, an American lawyer, these two articles convey important  information on important legal and personal aspects of riding in a group all those of us who ride with Donut Ride-Toronto should be aware of. Part 1 ; Part 2

• Make Like Lance on the Tour of Toronto
Globe and Mail, Saturday, July 2, 2005
Globe and Mail's MIKE GRANGE saddles up to test his mettle on the punishing 120 km Donut Ride-Toronto, and even takes his turn at the front of the pack.

• The Terrible Torture of Riding a Bicycle
MARK RICHARDSON has a little ways to go to catch up with Lance Armstrong, but at least he's made a start.  Toronto Star, Saturday, August 22, 2009

• Advanced Group Riding Primer 
Group-ride dynamics are interesting and ever changing. In order to ride safely, it's important to ride smoothly and avoid hard braking. Learn and practise simple rules.     Peterborough C.C. -  "Ride Smart to Stay Safe".

• 29 Pro Cycling Secrets for ROADIES an e-book published by

Riding Technique - Hand Positioning. There's more to it than meets the eye.

• Bicycle Racing Terminology
All fields have their own jargon, and bicycle racing is no exception. Here, in booklet format (.pdf), is a glossary of bicycle racing terms.

• Bicycle Components
Learn/Review what all those bicycle parts are and what they mean - even where they are.

• How to Keep Your Teeth From Dissolving
The "latest word" on the effect of acidic drinks on our teeth. A warning to all sport-jocks?

How to Train in Winter
Advice on how to continue your training in other disciplines in winter so that you can easily get back on the bike in the spring.

• Hydration — what’s the best drink for your work out routine: Gym Rat
There’s been some debate recently over when, how much — and more importantly, what — to drink while working out.

Cyclists and Auto Insurance: The Coverage You May Not Know About
Many cyclists are unaware that when they are riding their bikes, they are covered by their auto insurance for injuries that might occur as the result of an accident with another vehicle.  

The Dirt on Smog
Tips for breathing a little easier while riding your bike. Dodge peak pollution hours.

• Washing Instructions 
Cycling garments are too expensive to be ruined in the wash. Follow these instructions to ensure your kit(s) stay(s) fresh and colourful a long time.

• Sports drinks, supplements, sneakers may do little to help performance
Protein supplements and sports drinks are heavily hyped in TV commercials during most sports events, but Oxford researchers have found little evidence of claims.

THE DONUT RIDE - 36 years of one of the country's top weekend rides (.pdf)
Michael Barry, Canadian Cycle Magazine, October & November 2012, p.48
Amateurs, pros and pastries united on a regular pedal. [Original article at Canadian Cycle magazine.]

Jan Heine, Bicycle Quarterly
In recent years, there has been a trend toward wider tires and lower tire pressures.  We now hear from many sources that wider tires can roll faster than narrower ones, which contradicts what most of us used to believe.

• How to Prevent You Bike from Being Stolen offers useful tips and advice on keeping your bike safe from theft everywhere - at home, in parks and other public places. (

 Read Group Ride Etiquette (, Feb. 7, 2016) for a refreshing look on how to behave in a group ride and the legal ramifications of acting like a fool. 

 We can all use a reminder from time to time of all the intricacies that add up to safe, fun road riding. So, read Paceline Rules to Remember for a re-fresher course.

 What to do if you’re are hit? Get informed, readWhat to do if you’re hit by a car? (Bob Mionske,, September 1, 2015)

Year-Round Riding for Greater Fitness and Health (.pdf)
John HughesVeloNews, December 5, 2017
Do you want to improve as a cyclist, live a longer and healthy life, and reduce stress? Then, your #1 resolution should be exercise consistently.

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