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• Donut Ride - February 21, 2005
STIG's "Donut Ride" has been a very important part of his week in general, and an important part of his training to build fitness.  [ February 2005]

• Make Like Lance on the Tour of Toronto
Globe and Mail's MIKE GRANGE saddles up to test his mettle on the punishing 120 km Donut Ride-Toronto, and even takes his turn at the front of the pack.    [Globe and Mail, Saturday, July 2, 2005]

• The Terrible Torture of Riding a Bicycle
MARK RICHARDSON has a little ways to go to catch up with Lance Armstrong, but at least he's made a start.  [Toronto Star, Saturday, August 22, 2009]

• Advanced Group Riding Primer
Group-ride dynamics are interesting and ever changing. In order to ride safely, it's important to ride smoothly and avoid hard braking. Learn and practise simple rules.    [Peterborough C.C. -  "Ride Smart to Stay Safe".]

• 29 Pro Cycling Secrets for ROADIES an e-book published by

• Riding Technique - Hand Positioninng. There's more to it than meets the eye.

• Bicycle Racing Terminology
All fields have their own jargon, and bicycle racing is no exception. Here, in booklet format (pdf), is a glossary of bicycle racing terms.

• Bicycle Components
Learn/Review what all those bicycle parts are and what they mean - even where they are.

• Ride a Bicycle and Save the World
DAVID SUZUKI's arguments for saving the world - by riding your bicycle.   [Toronto Star]

• Cyclists Entitled to Whole Lane
IAIN MARLOW spoke to Const. Hugh Smith, who helped found the Toronto Police bicycle units back in 1989, and now helps train officers, as a neutral voice for cycling in the city.     [Toronto Star, Friday, September 4, 2009]

• Cyclists, Motorists Look for Mutual Respect
Tragedy has some cyclists and motorist feeling the need for mutual respect.    [Toronto Star, Friday, September 4, 2009]

• Are Cyclists entitled to full lane?
Sgt. TIM BURROWS of the Toronto Police Traffic Services answers.   [Toronto Star, Saturday, October 24, 2009]

• How to Keep Your Teeth From Dissolving
The "latest word" on the effect of acidic drinks on our teeth. A warning to all sport-jocks? [Dentist pamphlet]

• Young Cyclist's Guide
Government of Ontario's illustrated publication with fundamental information on how young school-age cyclist can become effective and safe. 
[You can also view a new version of the Young Cyclist's Guide on line here. There's also a .pdf version you can download.]

• Cyclists have same accident coverage as motorists
Cyclists are entitled to the same accident coverage as motorists, though some don't know it. And with about 300 motor vehicle versus bicycle accidents occurring on average each year, a local personal injury lawyer thinks they should. [Fresh Juice, May 20, 2012]

 Cyclists and Auto Insurance
Many cyclists are unaware that when they are riding their bikes, they are covered by their auto insurance. []

Wheelmen Ride Bicycles
Canada's leading bike race is part of a long cycling tradition in this country. [Canada's History. June-July 2010]

 Gary Shaw Obituary
We lost one of ours." (August 2012)

Roger Kiely Obituary and Memories
“We lost our leader. Toronto’s cycling community is sad to-day."(December 8, 2016)

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